Internet Access or How I Learned to Hate my Provider

Well, this is a pet peeve of mine.  The federal government and the FCC seem to believe I have fair competition for my hard earned dollars in choosing a way to get Internet access.

This could not be further from the truth more like a downright lie.  I have cable access since it is the only provider that gives me somewhat middling speed access.  The local phone company access is a JOKE.   Their best speed lets me load pages slowly and forget about uploading or streaming anything.  The wireless companies will also give you access but you are limited to the so many gigabytes that you are willing to purchase per month.  Well, that is not an option since a couple of streaming movies and you are at your monthly limit.  Oh, and did I mention it is somewhat slow too.  So, we have slow, slower and really slow to choose from along with being somewhat expensive for what you get.

For most people the best is one of the cable providers as they get to give you what they want as far as speed while holding you hostage to their high prices.  The local governments allow these monopolies and we the public continue to pay high prices for mediocre service at best.

I loath my current cable provider.   I would change in a hot minute but have no where to go but much slower speed and higher cost.   Now the two largest cable operators want to combine into an even larger entity.  I can not in any way think my service will get faster and less expensive.

Now, I am hopeful that our beloved government and FCC will finally declare these entities for what they are public utilities.   The FCC really needs to start regulating them for the public’s benefit.  In today’s world Internet access is just as critical as electric.

Another option is to let towns and cities start their own services to compete with them.   We pay more in this country then most others for a much lower level of service.

I would tell my Internet service provider to go away if I could but I am a captive slave.  I need the access and have no real other choice.  That just does not seem right.  The government is there to protect the interests of the citizens against monopolies but the money to the politicians pockets says we the people can just rot.   The smell from here is pretty bad.


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